A Call for Experiments for and 2020

Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station’s Science Division invites the scientific and engineering communities to promote manned mission space exploration research in Israel.

This is a call for experiments to be carried out during D-MARS next mission season, that will take place during March-May, 2020, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel.

Please submit your proposal if it meets one or several of the following criteria:

1. The experiment will enhance or provide support for these mission aspects: energy management, food and water supply, atmospheric support, robotics, 3D printing, crew health (physical, mental/psychological), architectural support/improvement to habitat or main structure, automatic monitoring and documentation, water and waste cycle. Proof Of Concept (POC) projects will be accepted under special conditions.

2. The experiment answers a scientific question in one of the science disciplines (such as physics, life sciences, psychology, etc.).

3. Every experiment is safe and operational by a crew which is not necessarily an expert in a specific field of science or engineering.

4. The experiment supports and promotes humanity’s ability to support space exploration.


Submission is due till the 30.9.19. Please send a headline and abstract (up to 300 words) to: connect@d-mars.org

Please write why this experiment should be done in an Analog mission. Please write full name of the proposing person, institution name, and email and phone contact details.

Details on past missions can be found on our website and Facebook page:



For any clarification/questions, please contact


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