Vision and Mission

Our vision:

D-MARS was founded to dare to fulfill dreams, to take part in the human journey into the unknown, to enable settlement and research of new worlds, to take advantage and realize the unique natural, technological, and human resources that exist in Israel and to be a leading and groundbreaking organization. 


Our mission: 

Developing technologies, scientific methods and human knowledge and skills for human and robotic space exploration, by execution of analog space missions. We focus on the post-landing phase.

Another mission of D-MARS is to conduct educational and community activities to promote public involvement and support for space in general and Mars exploration in particular.


Our values:

Space is unifying, without borders, and in order to explore new worlds we are committed to working in broad cooperation and without borders.

Curiosity and progress and the preservation of the environment and the planet guide our way, and in any activity, research or development we must always examine how we also contribute to the improvement of life here on the planet.

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