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Dr. Israel Biran

Founder and Executive Vice President and of enVerid Systems (Boston), a fast-growing energy saving and indoor air quality startup in the commercial buildings space. Former CEO and Founder of Applied Cleantech (Israel), a water treatment company. Former COO of Molecular Cytomics (Boston), a diagnostic company. Executive and consultant in multiple startups in the medical, environmental and energy fields. PhD in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University and postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. David Walt at Tufts University. Author of numerous patents and scientific papers. Served as air-crew officer (Major) in the Israeli Air Force.


Tal Inbar

Tal Inbar has been in the field of space education for 30 years. He headed the Fisher Institute's Space Research Center until the institute closed in 2019. Serves as the coordinator of operations in Israel for World Space Week, managing the operations of Excalibur Almaz in the Middle East. Consultant for science museums, curator of space exhibitions, regular lecturer at international conferences, initiator and organizer of the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, consultant for the defense industries and the Israel Space Agency on a variety of topics. Teaches enrichment programs for gifted students, develops curricula in the field of space and advises on these issues to various bodies in Israel and around the world. Married and father to daughter and son.

Eitan Harel

CEO and Owner of H.R.V.A.C a leading MEP engineering company. H.R.V.A.C is active in Israel and other countries.
H.R.V.A.C designs and supervises electro-mechanical projects of various sizes and complexities with a focus on HVAC, energy solutions, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. Established in 1965, the company is leading in the engineering sector in Israel for the past 5 decades and has managed over 6,000 projects successfully to date. The company delivers reliable and quality engineering and state-of-the-art solutions.
Visiting Lecture at BGU at the Faculty of Structural Eng.


Gil Friedlander

Gil is a serial tech entrepreneur.

He founded & was CEO of tawkon a mobile application that was acquired, addressing the challenge of mobile radiation.

Gil was part the founding team of Agadatech An Agri-tech startup revolutionizing agriculture produce growth in harsh environments with emphasis on sustainability and ecological impact.

He held as well several management positions in the mobile & telecom space.

Gil flew fighter jets for 20 years in the Israel Airforce.


Gil holds a BSc in Industrial engineering from Tel Aviv University & MBA from McGill University.


Hilik Sion

CEO of Seeon&Beyond.

Strategic consultant and expert in branding and content innovation. One of the founders of marketing content in Israel.

Initiates and leads business partnerships and complex content-based projects.

Develops innovative formats, including the Podium (TV) and MultiStory (The New Publishing).


Chen Dudai

Now serving as the co-founder and Vice-President of Operations at Viagem Inc, a hospitality start-up that operates across the US, Chen is responsible for supervising the daily operations and overseeing a multitude of contracts. Originally from Ramat Gan, Israel, Chen first moved to NYC to work at Aulder Capital, a real estate investment firm, where he was employed as a project manager for the companies 2500 apartments and was responsible for their budget and renovation. He was educated at the Technion and graduated with honors before beginning his career at Electra Construction as the project manager for a $40M project. In his free time, Chen enjoys skiing, running, photography, and spending time with his family.


Danna Linn Barnett

Danna is an experienced system engineer with over 17 years of experience in satellite system engineering, astrodynamics and orbit control, STK & simulation.

Previously employed at Israel's leading and innovative companies, she fulfilled leading roles as system engineer at the space systems Directorate in Rafael, and in the Technological Mission on the Israeli - French VENUS satellite. Furthermore, Danna worked as a system engineer at Effective Space Solutions R&D, providing overall mission design of the SPACEDRONE ™ On Orbit servicing satellite which is designed to provide life extension for aging GEO satellites. She is also working on Space debris and malfunctioned satellite behavior, active debris removal and mega constellations post mission disposal.

Currently Danna is a senior satellite and mission systems engineer in a remote sensing mission. Danna holds both BSc & MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Aerospace Engineering Department, Technion, Israel, and is also an ISU alumnus (SSP16).

Danna is also part of D-MARS (Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station), and has been volunteering since the early days of the association, both in the system engineering team, public relations and as mission commander in the mission control for the 2018 analog mission. D-Mars board member since June 2020. Always excited to be part of outreach and promoting women in STEM.

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