[D-MARS 01]: T - 1 Day

February 14, 2018


Mitzpe Ramon 14.2.2018


Tomorrow morning we, a group of six volunteer researchers, will enter the HAB01, Israel’s very first space simulation module, for its test run. Two physicists, an astrobiologist, an architect, a social worker, and an artist. There we will live together for four days, performing various experiments in areas that are relevant to research on Mars: communication, cosmic ray detection, astrobiology, 3D printer capabilities, and psychology. We will also be testing the module’s structure and utilities. Most importantly, we will be placing the groundwork for potential research in the future. It’s been a wild ride just to get to this moment. We are anxious to start our mission while at the same time wishing we had another month to prepare. I will do my best to document our experience at the end of each day.  


Restless and ready,




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